Brooke Wood, Staff Writer

Pirrone’s Pizza

St. Louis is known for their baseball, hockey and good pizza. Pirrone’s is a local pizzeria that makes great St. Louis style pizza. They have two locations – in St. Peter’s and Florissant – and they are perfect spots for a yummy family dinner. Imo’s is loved by all, but Pirrone’s is giving them a run for their money with their impressive and delicious pies.

Rating: 7/10

Statement Socks

Do you remember when mismatched, neon ankle socks were the trend? Now statements socks have taken their place. From otter socks, to taco socks, to coffee socks, the opportunities are endless. Socksmith and Hot Sox are just two of the biggest statement sock brands. With uniforms, socks are the perfect way to express yourself while following the dress code. Next time you go to put on your boring white Nike socks, try to mix it up and make a statement.

Rating: 11/10


Converse are out, and Vans are in. They’ve been making more of an appearance in our halls at St. Dominic. The checkered print is the perfect retro touch to any outfit, and the simple white slip-ons are the perfect go-to option. Though the shoes are slightly pricey, you will definitely get your money’s worth with their versatility.

Rating: 8/10