Prime Time For Promposals


Brendan Kenny and Elana Freesmeier

Maddie Herbert, Staff Writer

As prom dances around the corner, St. Dominic students are being asked to the big night left and right. The traditional way of asking someone to prom is no match for the creative and clever “promposals” we see nowadays. From “Mr. President” to baseball and Trolls, our SDHS students have certainly had some of the best promposals around.

Bri Dale and Sean Rebeck

Every year, “promposals” get better and better. This year at St. Dominic, they did not disappoint. Seniors Bri Dale and Sean Rebeck surely set some high standards with the comedic “First Lady” asks “Mr. President” bit.

Sean Rebeck and Bri Dale” 

“Since he is the Student Council President, the slogan was ‘Mr. President, Can I be your First Lady at Prom?’” said Dale.

She even bought him a red, white and blue cookie cake to seal Rebeck’s vote on yes to prom.

“He seemed pretty excited. And I’m looking forward to celebrating the end of my high school career in a night surrounded by friends,” said Dale.

Brendan Kenny and Elana Freesmeier

The seniors are not the only ones with creative “promposal” ideas. Junior Brendan Kenny hit a home run, scoring a date to prom with junior Elana Freesmeier with an adorable baseball gesture.

“He did it by tossing me a baseball [and] asking me to ‘hold it for him’ while he shook hands with the other team. The baseball said ‘Elana, Prom?’” said Freesmeier.

With less than two weeks until prom, everyone, including Freesmeier, is dreaming of the big dance.

“I feel even more excited for prom than I was before being asked,” said Freesmeier.

Kayla Merkle and Nick Bone

Nick Bone and Kayla Merkle

Speaking of adorable gestures, junior Nick Bone “Couldn’t Stop the Feeling” and asked junior Kayla Merkle to prom with a whimsical Trolls poster.

“I was leaving youth group and a big group of my friends were waiting to walk out with me, so I was really confused and then he walks up and asks me with a really cute Trolls poster,” said Merkle.

Merkle said yes to the fan-favorite Trolls-themed “promposal” and is counting down the days to the big night!

“I’m so excited to go with him to prom! We are really good friends, and it’s so sweet that he asked me!” said Merkle.

As prom season is in full swing, creative “promposals” are a must. This year, St. Dominic students went above and beyond with some of the most clever ideas. With Mr. and Mrs. President, Trolls and baseball, Prom 2018 will be one students will never forget!