The Corsage Conundrum

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The Corsage Conundrum

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In the upcoming prom season, it’s easy for guys to be incompetent and unreliable in just about every regard. Trust me, I’m one of the culprits. It turns out that if you take a date to a dance, you’re supposed to buy some flower thing for them, which usually goes around their wrist. There are a few easy locations to get this flower thing (it’s real name is a corsage). For the fellas who are where I was a year ago, this article is for you.

First things first: the key to getting the right corsage is communication. Chances are the girl you want to take already has a dress and a semi-formed plan for prom. Buying a corsage without taking into consideration the color of her dress would be a major mistake. The easiest way to get the right corsage is to just ask her what she wants. Even order it with her to make it simpler. But for the guys that want to show their independence and decent taste in flower ordering, here are a few tips to take into consideration when making this crucial purchase for your date.

Guide to Buying the Right Corsage and Not Screwing Up
1. Ask to see your date’s dress. She’ll be be happy to show you.
2. Figure out what color flowers she wants and how she wants to wear the corsage.
3. Place your order online. See below details for florist locations and sites. Make sure to set the pickup date to the day of or before the dance.
4. PRINT OFF THE ORDER FORM. If you go to pick up your flowers without your order form the flower ladies will be angry.
5. When you pick up your flowers, stick it in the fridge next to the leftover spaghetti. This helps preserve the flowers so they don’t wilt and die.
6. When the time comes to take pictures or go to the dance, don’t forget to grab the corsage out of the fridge. I may or may not have forgotten this step multiple times.
7. Let your mom take pictures of you putting the corsage on your date. These are pictures girls love to post on social media, and you’ll score major points with her parents if you do more than just throw the things at her.

Senior Meghan Flynn and Trevor Bond

Places to Get a Corsage
I pinned a few websites where it’s easy to order a corsage below. I would suggest going through at least two to find a good one at a decent price instead of paying $60 for three flowers. Schnucks and Dierbergs are top choices for simplicity and convenience. From what I’ve found, Dierbergs seems to have better variety while Schnucks offers a lower price.

Other than those two, there are a few florist shops floating around, one being The Flower Stop in St. Charles. They also have a wide variety of options at mostly reasonable prices. What’s different about them is that they will actually deliver the corsage to you on the date you want, as opposed to you having to worry about one more thing on the day of prom. Their delivery price is $15 added on to the corsage’s total. So, while the flowers are nicer, the cost is a little steeper with the added service.

One last place to check out is Gregori’s Florist. Located in Lake St. Louis, they have a lot of options that are more diverse than what you’ll find elsewhere. To get a corsage from Gregori’s, go to their site and find the one that works best, then you’ll have to place your order over the phone where they will give you the price. I would recommend picking more than one corsage to ask about since they do not post prices on their website.

Any guy that has bought a corsage before will tell you it’s not super difficult, it’s just something you have to do. This symbol of togetherness may not be extravagant, but on a night with 200 people on a dance floor, it’s something you get to share with just one special person.

Flower Stop

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