Curriculum Changes


Maria Klassen, Staff Writer

With only about a month and a half of school left, a few changes are being made to next year’s curriculum and course offerings. From college credit classes to completely new courses, St. Dominic’s curriculum is expanding to feed your interests while preparing you for the future.

First, Calculus and Honors Art 4 are changing from AP classes to college credit classes. While still offering a challenge to students involved, college credit classes allow students to receive credit hours just for taking the class, which transfer to many colleges.

On the other hand, AP classes only offer you credit hours if you pass a rigorous test at the end of the course. Even though the courses remain just as challenging and demanding, the switch from AP to college credit is a reassurance and better chance for interested students to have their hard work pay off in college.

In addition to this change, two new classes are being offered. The first is Pop Culture Literature. Available to seniors, the class will analyze music, film, television and print and discuss how these areas both influence modern literature. They will also discuss how pop culture and modern literature have affected society as a whole and what role it plays in shaping our culture’s ideas, thoughts and beliefs. This class would be a great way to fulfill your Language Arts requirement senior year.

The second new class that is being offered next year is Digital Art. This course explores creating and developing art, photography and presentation using the iPad. This class is not only an opportunity for budding artists to grow and expand their knowledge, but is also a way for students to immerse themselves in the growing world of digital art that is becoming prevalent in our society today.

If you are curious about taking advantage of the new opportunities next year, meet with the school’s counselors to get some helpful feedback and advice!