From the Big Screen to the Classroom


Maddie Herbert, Staff Writer

Being a junior, I have had my fair share of teachers. Even though the teachers at St. Dominic are fantastic, who wouldn’t want a celebrity as a teacher? From the billboards to the classroom, I believe these three celebrities would be the best fit to take on the classroom.

Leonardo DiCaprio
From history to literature, there is no one better fit to teach than the Oscar winning Leonardo DiCaprio. His starring role as Jack in Titanic makes him the ideal history teacher. He knows one of history’s most dramatic conspiracies like the back of his hand. His knowledge and experience from filming Titanic would make him an outstanding teacher.

Also, is starring role as Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby, which is read in high schools all across the country, would also make for a great literature teacher. I mean, who is better fit to teach about the 1920s than Jay Gatsby himself? His firsthand experience in the life, love and deceit of Jay Gatsby makes him the perfect candidate for his new role as a high school teacher.

Ed Sheeran
It is time to ditch the books and head to the music room. This next celebrity is the epitome of talent. With his soothing vocals and impressive guitar skills, this artist will make for the best music instructor anyone could ask for. His many hits make him qualified and suitable for any teaching position. Also, don’t forget about his lovable British accent. I know I would love to have Ed Sheeran in the music room!

Oprah Winfrey
This last celebrity is the life coach we all need. With her popular talk show featuring segments of life advice, Oprah Winfrey would make for the best high school counselor. With her recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, she talked about how she handles negativity and hate.

“You don’t win by meeting any kind of negativity head on,” said Winfrey.

This statement truly shows the maturity and wisdom a school counselor needs to be able to instill positive thoughts and actions in students. Her words of wisdom are the best cure for any mental bruise that medicine can not fix–which is what being a counselor is all about.

Even though these three celebrities will never play the role of our teachers, they all would be qualified enough in my book. These celebrities not only inspire others through their music and movies, but they have unique lessons only they can teach.