Dating or Talking? Relationships in 2018


Juniors Kyla Flor and Jack McCormick.

Maddie Herbert, Staff Writer

It’s 2018, and let’s face it, the world of dating has changed in a major way. Technology has drastically altered the science of dating. From online relationships to “talking,” dating could be a thing of the past.

Apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter all force many of us to have social interactions through screens. Nowadays, people converse and form relationships solely online. They hide behind screens to avoid awkward face-to-face situations. I’m guilty of this myself, but the world as we know it is becoming more and more reliant on cell phones.

Where did the times go when a guy would actually ask a girl out in person? People today just “talk” as a way to be in a relationship without the commitment. Some are scared to be fully invested in a relationship, so they put this label as a placeholder for the full title of boyfriend or girlfriend.

Even with all of the reclusiveness behind the screens, I believe that dating is still a thriving factor in everyday life. I see people all of the time on social media posting pictures of their boyfriend or girlfriend.

When homecoming and prom season rolls around, I see hundreds of boys holding up signs in one hand with flowers in the other, asking their crush to a long-awaited dance. Junior Kyla Flor has been dating her boyfriend, junior Jack McCormick, for months now, so dating has truly not been forgotten at St. Dominic.

“I have dated my boyfriend for a little over six months, so dating has definitely played a role in my life recently,” said Flor.

Even with the negative sides effects of social media in regards to dating, it also has many benefits.

“I think it has definitely become based much more on using Snapchat or just texting in order to get to know people. I think technology is really great when it comes to dating, because my girlfriend, Carissa, and I both have really busy schedules so going out on actual dates gets

Juniors Carissa Schultz and Andrew Faucher

pretty difficult sometimes. It’s not all bad though, because we can still talk to each other for hours on end, even though its not face-to- face,” said junior Andrew Faucher about his relationship with junior Carissa Schultz.

With all of these ups and downs, I truly stand by the fact that dating is not a thing of the past. It may have changed in many ways, especially through social media, but it still plays a major role today. So, take a risk and ask someone out in person. Please do not become a screen junkie; it may turn out for the best!