Why It Is Important To Spend Time With Your Parents


Sometimes your parents may embarrass you in public or force you to do something boring. Even though time with your parents may sometimes seem boring, it is important to cherish the time you have with your mom and dad.

Teenagers everywhere take spending time with their parents for granted because hanging with friends may seem more enjoyable. While these things are very important, it is critical to take time out of your busy schedules for your parents.

“It’s important to spend time with your family because they are the most significant source of guidance for the real world. They teach you lessons and skills you wouldn’t ever learn in school or from friends. They also are the first relationship you have. Spending time with them allows you to grow with them and deepen your love for each other. You create bonds and special memories you’ll never forget,” said freshman Joe Hogan.

Spending time with your parents doesn’t have to be anything complex. It can be as simple as watching TV together in the living room, helping to cook dinner or chatting about what is on your mind.

“Being able to talk to my parents really helps us have an open relationship. I can trust and go to them for anything no matter how hard the situation might be. It makes my life better because I know I always have people behind me,” said freshman Eli Hagan.

A child’s perspective is very easy to understand, but often times the parent’s outlook is overlooked. Parents have a lot to give and gain by spending quality time with their kids.

“Family time is the best and most important time to me. You just want to spend time with your kids and give them love, care and teach them how to grow,” said St. Dominic mom Kris Parker.

While parents usually want to spend time with their kids, sometimes it is hard for parents to see their kids due to a job or separation.

“I never get enough time… in my opinion. When I worked out of town I hated that I couldn’t come home and see my kids,” said St. Dominic dad Jeffery Bone.

On a personal level, not being able to see my dad very often is one of the biggest crosses I have to bear. Seeing him just a few times a month is very hard to deal with, but it makes the time we do share so much more valuable.

Finding enough time always seems to be the enemy when it comes to hanging with your parents. It is so important that you make time for your parents because you will be off to college before you know it. All the little things you did with them will no longer seem little; they will become some of your most beloved memories. Hold every moment you spend with your parents close to your heart because you never know when you will see them for the last time.