Mr., Coach, and Papa Roberts

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Mr., Coach, and Papa Roberts

Nick Bone, Staff Writer

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Mr. Kevin Roberts’s impact is felt in the entire St. Dominic community through his tireless work as Athletic Director. However, his impact as a coach and a father impacts even more lives.

After President Jim Welby took on the role of St. Dominic President, many wondered who was going to fill his shoes. All fears were relinquished when Mr. Roberts first stepped into his office.

“When we found out he was coming back as the Athletic Director, we were super excited because we all really liked him…Whenever there is a hole, there is a slight panic. Who’s going to come in? Who’s going to do what Mr. Welby did? Mr. Roberts has came in and has been just phenomenal,” said Mrs. Ania Wyant.

Faculty and staff members are not the only ones who love having Mr. Roberts around. Many students enjoy having him as a part of the St. Dominic family.

“He can connect to you through sports, but he can also connect to you personally, and he has a really funny personality. He’s a great person to be around,” said sophomore Catie Welby.

Working as the Athletic Director and connecting with students on a personal level just scratches the surface of what Mr. Roberts does. On top of his strenuous job, he is also the head coach for the varsity boys basketball.

“My favorite part about being the basketball coach is just competing. Us old guys can’t step out on the floor anymore, so I get my competition fix through coaching. I love the game plan, the execution, all the little things. I never want to be out-coached, so I compete against the opposing coach just as our guys compete against the opposing team,” said Mr. Roberts.

I love the game plan, the execution, all the little things.”

While everyone around the St. Dominic Community sees what a great coach and Athletic Director he is, only a few people get to see the softer side of Mr. Roberts. He is married to Mrs. Kasey Roberts, who is a business teacher here at St. Dominic. Together they have three kids: eight-year-old twin daughters and a four-year-old little boy.

“He always puts family first! As busy as his schedule is, he tries to be at any event our kids have. Even though he is a coach at heart, when it comes to our kids, he would much rather sit in the stands and cheer them on. He is so good at always giving them encouragement in whatever they’re doing. I believe he is very proud of the family we have built,” said Mrs. Roberts.

Despite his hectic schedule, Mr. Roberts still finds time to play with his kids and spend quality family time with his whole family. Whether it’s wrestling with his little boy, or watching a Blues game with his daughters, he is always there for his kids when they need him.

There is no doubt Mr. Roberts will continue to positively impact all of the people he encounters on and off campus. One thing is for sure, St. Dominic is blessed to have Mr. Roberts back.

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