A Season of Success


Brooke Wood, Staff Writer

The basketball girls have been killing it on the court this season, and they are ready to finish strong. Their 11-3 record reflects the hard work they’ve been putting in to grow both on and off the court this year.

The girls started off their season strong. After winning their first league game of the season they went on to place first in the Troy tournament. Winning the tournament gave the girls the confidence booster they needed to have a successful season.

The big key to their success so far this season: free throws. All of the little points in the game add up in the big picture, and the girls have played many close games where it all came down to the line.

“Practicing free throws everyday at practice can start to get boring, but I know they pay off because they have won countless games for us this season,” said junior Catie Poli.

Another key to their success: killer defense. Defense has always been a priority for Coach Menke, but this year the girls have really taken it to a new level. Their strong communication allows them to shut their opponents down. The girls have beat some of their hardest opponents not by stellar offense, but their incredible defense.

The great communication on the court comes from all the time the girls spend off the court. Throughout the season the girls have grown together not only through losses and wins, but also in team lunches and outings on their days off.

“Our team gets along very well off and on the court. It’s really cool to be a part of a team that works together so well. It really shows on the court. We are having a really good season and I’d contribute that to how close we are” said junior, Mackenzie Ballard.

Though the girls have endured some tough losses, they have also had some amazing wins so far this season. Make sure to come cheer your girls on as they draw near the close of their season!