Just STL Things

If you were born and bred in STL, you’ve realized there are a few distinct things unique to our city. Apart from experiencing summer, spring, fall and winter in the same week, these five things will always stay the same.

1.​ Saying a joke while trick or treating
As a kid in St. Louis, Halloween night means getting dressed in the best costume and preparing a joke guaranteed to get you a lot of candy. If you did not know, telling a joke to get candy while trick or treating is only done in St. Louis. This is baffling, I know. If you still do not believe me, ask relatives or friends that live in another city as a fact check. Looks like St. Louis is the only one getting tricks, treats and chuckles on Halloween night!

2. Toasted Ravioli
Have you ever gone on vacation and ordered ravioli, expecting a plate of toasted cheesy deliciousness to be delivered, only to be disappointed by bland boiled ravioli? If so, it’s not surprising. St. Louis is home to the delicious toasted ravioli. Luckily, the delectable treat baked to perfection is all ours!

3.​ Saying “ope”
A tweet surfaced recently of someone saying he does not understand why people from the Midwest always say “ope.” Since seeing the tweet, many Missourians have been left in shock. The truth behind the tweet is all too real. Whether it’s bumping into someone in the hall, dropping an item on the floor or hearing something surprising in a conversation, the word is bound to slip out of your mouth. Once you realize it, you cannot forget.

4. ​Bread Co., not Panera
Nothing angers a St. Louis native more than hearing someone say “Panera.” I am sure that I can speak on behalf of all those in St. Louis, that anger immediately boils up when the word Panera is used. Next time you hear someone call St. Louis Bread Co. by the wrong name, make sure you teach them the right way.

5.​ Gooey butter cake
Brownies, cakes and cookies are all topped by St. Louis’s own gooey butter cake. The sugary, gooey deliciousness is simply perfection. In addition to the traditional cake and cookies, gooey butter flavored items can be found almost everywhere. Whether you bite into a delicious cookie or opt for a gooey butter milkshake, it’s guaranteed to be a tasty STL treat!

Living in St. Louis definitely has its perks. Besides our immense pride for our city and strong support for our sports teams, we are home to some of the best foods in the country. Next time you are out and about, keep an eye out for some of these just STL things!