Fall Fashion Guide


Brooke Wood, Staff Writer

Fall is finally settling in, which means cute sweaters, big scarves and boots are back! Transitioning from summer fashion to fall might be tricky, but it can be made easy with a wardrobe full of simple fall pieces. With these five fall staples in your wardrobe, you’re set!

1. Booties

If you don’t have booties in your closet, I suggest you stop reading this right now and go buy yourself a pair. Booties are my favorite thing to wear in the fall. They instantly make any outfit cuter, whether it’s just jeans or a dress. There are so many different kinds: black, brown, suede, high-heeled and flat! It is the perfect addition to any fall wardrobe.


2. Jean skirt 

Jean skirts have made a comeback, and they are perfect for fall! Wearing only jeans and leggings for an entire season gets pretty boring after a while, so skirts are the perfect way to switch it up. Pairing a skirt with tights, boots and a cute long-sleeve shirt is one of the best looks to rock this fall. Another way to style a skirt is with a chunky cropped sweater and booties. No matter how you choose to wear the skirt, it is the perfect addition to any fall wardrobe!

3. Plaid

When I hear the word plaid, pictures of our school skirt flash through my mind. If I think of fall and plaid together, cute fall outfits flash through my mind! Plaid flannels, tunics and scarves scream fall. Their warmth and versatility make them extremely easy to add to any fall outfit. Tying a flannel around your waist or throwing a plaid scarf on with a cute shirt is the perfect touch to any outfit!

4. College crew neck

Let’s face it, we all can’t look cute every single day of every single week. For those days when you just need to throw your hair up in a bun, college crew necks are the perfect option. I think we can all agree that there is nothing more comfortable than leggings and a big sweatshirt, especially when it’s chilly outside. When dressing cute seems like too much work, just keep it simple and comfy with your favorite college crew neck.

5. Chunky sweater

Sweaters are the perfect piece for fall. They’re extremely versatile, so the possibilities for cute fall outfits are endless. You can wear a chunky sweater on especially chilly days or just throw a cardigan over a cute tee to call it good. I personally love wearing big cardigans with some leggings and a cute t-shirt because of the effortless, yet comfy look!

The options for fall outfits are endless. Oranges, yellows, reds and browns begin to make an appearance in nearly everyone’s outfits as soon as fall comes around. This fall, make sure you’re equipped with these wardrobe staples so you can look your best this season!