A Story of Success: Field Hockey


Brooke Wood, Staff Writer

This year, St. Dominic added a girl’s field hockey team to the long list of sports offered at school. Despite being a first year team with only one experienced player, the girls are defying all odds and having a very successful first season.

Junior Paige Morfeld is a first-year player, like most girls on the team.

“The season is definitely shocking and much better than expected. We have gotten multiple comments from refs and opposing coaches that they were very impressed. All of the time put into practices and all of our hard work is paying off for a successful season,” said Morfeld.

They are making St. Dominic history game by game. One of the biggest moments of their season was their first home game ever on St. Dominic’s grass field. The hill was packed with students, teachers and parents, all cheering on the hardworking girls. Even though the crowd did not quite understand what was going on, it was incredibly fun to watch! The energy of both the team and the crowd was great, making for a perfect night in St. Dominic history.

The girls have a record of six wins, two losses and one tie. They have performed well against even the most experienced teams, and the successful goaltending has allowed for many of their wins.

The girls only have one more home game on October 6, so be sure to pack the field. It will be their senior night, so come out and support your friends!