St. Dominic’s Hidden Gems


Brooke Wood

After going to St. Dominic for two years (or even two months), you might think you have discovered every cool club on campus. If you’re considering joining more clubs because you need to boost your college application or just want to get involved, here are five awesome clubs to join!

1. Bowling Club
When you hear about the bowling club, I’m sure the first thought that pops into your head is, “How do you have a bowling club without a bowling alley?” Well Mr. Scott Moore and all the members of the club have found a way. Bowling club is super chill and fun. You get to go to O’Fallon Bowling Lanes every once in a while, show off with your strikes and hang out with friends. Whether you’re like me and still use bumpers, or are a skilled pro, you should definitely join the club!

2. Arts Program
This part of St. Dominic isn’t necessarily a club, but I think it’s something that should definitely make the list. St. Dominic has an excellent art program. They have classes ranging from Intro to Art for beginners who are ready to graduate from stick figures, to the more talented National Art Honor Society. Our art classes here shouldn’t be ignored because a class where you can sit and be creative for 80 minutes is just what you may need in the middle of all the high school stress.

3. Food Club
This club is for all those foodies out there (a.k.a, everyone). If you love food and are willing to sacrifice some of your time before school to feast and eat, this club is perfect for you! Food club meets once a month with Mr. Brotherton to munch on delicious treats and bond over a mutual love for food!

4. Gaming Club
If you think gaming club is all about video games, you’re wrong! Gaming club plays everything from board games to computer games. If you’re missing the old days and just want a good ole game of Sorry, or you want to enjoy some video games without your mom nagging you about homework every five minutes, then this is the club for you!

5. Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
FCA is all about praying and playing for someone other than yourself. In so many other clubs you just sit and can talk, but FCA gets you up and out of your seat! Meetings usually begin with food and a short Bible study that gets you thinking with other students. After that, you get to show off your athletic talents by playing a game. Whether it’s soccer, Frisbee, football or lacrosse, you’ll have a good time competing with other students!

St. Dominic has so much to offer for every student in the community. If sports aren’t your thing, then try out a few new clubs to find out what is! Whether you’re a freshman looking to get involved or a senior trying to make the most of your last year, join some new clubs and see what St. Dominic is really about!