A Transformed T-Swift


You can ditch your guitars, teardrops and the old T-Swift; a new Taylor has arrived. After completely deleting everything from her social media accounts, Swift has made it clear that the old Taylor is nowhere to be found.

From Fearless to Speak Now to Red, Swift has lost her country touch to transition into the pop genre. Entering such a judgmental industry as a teenager could not have been an easy thing to do. The constant need to conform to what others want must have affected her throughout the years, but I think she’s finally reached her breaking point.

In the first verse, Swift says she doesn’t like “the role you made me play.” I can’t help but think she is referring to the immense pressure from her fans and the media.

Even though the lyrics are somewhat dark and vengeful, the song is undeniably catchy. After listening to it for the first time, I caught myself singing the chorus throughout the day without realizing it: maybe I should write a song to Swift telling her what she made ME do.

Among all the confusing lines, there is one part in particular that none of us can ignore. Swift’s new Instagram bio and perhaps the most blatant part of the song is when she is on the phone and explains that “the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now.” If you were wondering why, the answer is obviously “Oh, ’cause she’s dead!”

As if Swift didn’t make her point clear enough in her song, the music video adds another level of emphasis. Throughout the song, her location and tone change, but she ends the video with a bang. It shows Swift standing on top of a pile of the old Taylors, desperately clawing their way to the top. I’m not sure if Swift was trying to symbolize the tremendous fight it takes to get to the top in the music industry, but all symbolism aside, the video speaks for itself.

Swift’s full album releases on November 10. Even though “Look What You Made Me Do” was much different from the rest of her music, it tells an interesting story if you really sit down and listen to the words. I might’ve Red too much into it but I think Swift is Fearless for telling her story and finally refusing to conform to what others want her to do.