Spring Into Spring Cleaning


Brooke Wood

The time for pulling spring clothes is upon us, along with realizing the amount of junk you have collected over the past year. Whether it’s old shopping bags, clothes you don’t wear anymore or you are just in need of some serious organization, spring cleaning is probably a good idea for you. Break out your trash bags, rubber gloves and cleaning supplies to clean like there is no tomorrow!

If you are hesitant to clean or are struggling to find motivation, you are not alone. Here are the top five tips to help you declutter this spring season:

  1. Focus on one specific area:

Trying to tackle everything at once will overwhelm you, not help you. Begin by choosing a particular room or area of your room to start with. Once you feel like you have fully decluttered and cleaned that space, move on to the next. When you have cleaned your room, move on to your bathroom, then your closet and so on. Breaking down the cleaning might take longer, but it will decrease the likelihood of you just throwing your hands up and quitting altogether.

  1. Use a checklist:

Using a checklist will make your job much easier. When you have a million and one things to clean up, you might forget something here and there. Downloading a checklist from Pinterest or another online source will help you make sure you don’t forget anything. As you move from room to room, be sure to check your items off the list!

  1. Donate whatever you are clearing out:

The feeling of decluttering and clearing out your space always feels good, but sometimes it is hard to gain the motivation to do so. If you plan on donating your clothes, shoes or bags to Goodwill or another charity, then it will make you feel like you are cleaning for a purpose. Many times we just throw everything away without thinking twice, but this year do something good with the stuff you collect. Not only will you be cleaning for your own good, but you’ll also be helping someone else in need.

  1. Don’t just surface clean, really clean:

It’s so easy to just run a Clorox wipe over your counter and call it quits, but try not to do that this year. Get out the Windex, Clorox, Magic Eraser and all the cleaning supplies you’ll need to get the job done. Don’t forget to dust and scrub every little nook and cranny possible. Simply wiping down your countertops won’t do this year. A deep clean is more time consuming, but definitely more rewarding in the end.

  1. Be sure to reward yourself when you’re done:

Wiping down your toilet might not be glamorous, but a new pair of shoes or a night out with friends definitely is! After spending time decluttering and cleaning your mess, a reward is very much earned. Whether you go out and buy a new pair of shoes go out to dinner with the girls/guys, a reward will be the perfect way to wrap up your spring cleaning!

Getting off the couch and finding the motivation to clean can be very hard, but using these helpful tips will make your job much easier. So when you’re binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix or sitting around not doing anything, get yourself up and spring yourself into spring cleaning!