Junior: Madeline Weston


Grace Sullivan

Madeline Weston is a junior at St. Dominic. She is a member of the CRU, Pro-Life and Ambassadors Clubs. You may see her shooting goals out on the soccer field as a member of the Varsity soccer team. She doesn’t have much free time due to school and soccer; however, in her spare moments, she enjoys playing the harp. Weston looks forward to drinking her special chocolate milk at exactly 7:11 every morning. Something you may not know is that she can po-go stick with no hands, play “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” on the violin and she harbors a passion for yellow apples.

Something on her bucket list: Own an organic beet farm and be the star in a Broadway musical about beet farms
Favorite Class: Leadership with Mrs. Norma Overberg
Favorite Season: Spring