Finding The One…To Room With


Grace Sullivan

Picture this: a blind date, but the first question you ask is “are you organized and clean or do you just go with the flow?” The roommate search is well underway for the seniors here at St. Dominic as college quickly approaches. Not only can finding a roommate be stressful, but also scary.

Although many chose to room with someone they already know, a majority of seniors can agree that choosing a roommate you haven’t met before can be similar to online dating. A wide range of questions are asked such as “Do you like to go out or stay in?” “What’s your favorite kind of music?” “ What time do you wake up in the morning?”

“Finding a roommate is definitely like online dating. You really have to figure out what kind of person they are because you’re going to be living with them for a year. You have to find out what kind of things they do and don’t like and see if you mesh with them well enough to be comfortable and spend two semesters away from home. If the person isn’t the right one, you sort of just move onto the next like Tinder,” said senior Amber Wamhoff.

On top of being stressful, it can be someone’s worst nightmare if the person they decide to room with isn’t the person they said they were over the internet.

“These two girls texted me and added me in a group message with them. They asked weird questions about me that I didn’t know how to answer. They asked if I was going to rush a sorority and I said yes. Then, they gave me all these facts about how sororities are cults and kept sending me messages about cults even though I wasn’t replying. Let’s just say I was a little weirded out. I’m praying that I’ll never run into them at KU,” said senior Lauren Jennings.

Meeting someone for the first time is also a big step to starting the relationships you make in the future. Although they may not turn out to be your best friend, you’ll still see them everyday which can make the decision very difficult.

Finding the person you want to spend the next year with can be scary. However, you can meet all kinds of new people through Facebook and rooming apps when trying to find a roommate. Although you may not chose to room with that person, they could be a friendly and familiar face on campus next year. Finding the one can be tough, but it may just turn out to be everything you were hoping for and more.