Greg and Marribeth Cissell


Annika Meyer

Mr. Greg Cissell was teaching for his second year at Silex Grade School when the fourth grade teacher suddenly left. The teacher that took her place was Marribeth, Greg’s future wife. Marribeth agreed to go on a date with Greg in February and they dated until April. Greg proposed to Marribeth on Easter of 1985. After a four-month engagement, Greg and Marribeth got married on August 3, 1985. Greg and Marribeth’s family consists of two children, Tommy and Kara, and one grandchild, Lena. Greg and Marribeth will be married for 32 years in August.


What is your favorite thing to do together?

Go to Mark Twain Lake.

What is your best memory with each other?

When I hired a barbershop quartet to serenade Marribeth for Valentine’s Day.

What is some advice you would give to married couples about being married for so long?

There are going to be some hard times and there are going to be some disagreements, but you have to work together and realize that you love each other and you’ll get past all that. Having a faith in God is a large part of it, ’cause when you are having issues, praying together, though it be hard, is a big deal. You are supposed to have a strong belief that marriages are supposed to stay together, that’s what you promise when you get married. You get through the hard times and then your marriage is stronger because of it!