Galentine’s Day: A New Way to Celebrate


Brooke Wood

The stress of finding the perfect gift, getting the prettiest flowers and buying the yummiest chocolates for your significant other is nowhere near the fun you could be having if you were celebrating Galentine’s Day. Thanks to Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation, we now have the February 13 holiday. The day is meant to be spent with all of the best girlfriends in your life.

Single or not, you can still celebrate this day. Getting together with all your girlfriends and just enjoying time together is something we all could use. You can celebrate the day by going out to dinner, exchanging small gifts or having a movie night. Whether you go out or stay in, Galentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to corral all your friends and spend time together.

Since Galentine’s Day fell on a Monday (with school) this year, students may have been limited to what they could do to celebrate. If you missed the holiday yesterday, it’s not too late to celebrate. Here are some of the top five ways to make the most of Galentine’s day this year:

  1. Celebrate this weekend

Having school on the actual day itself makes celebrating a little harder, so celebrating on the weekend is a better way to go. Saturday and Sunday are the perfect days for going to brunch. Everyone could get dressed up, go out to brunch and exchange small gifts there.

  1. Go out to breakfast in the morning

If you’re an early riser or morning person, this option is perfect for you. Going to IHOP and indulging in some yummy pancakes with your friends is the perfect way to start your day. Everyone loves breakfast, especially if it’s spent with your gals.

  1. Have a movie night

After school sometime this week, go to Redbox, pick up some candy and popcorn and have a movie night. Everyone will want to unwind and relax after the long day at school and munching on popcorn is the perfect way to do it. There’s nothing better than enjoying rom-coms while bingeing on chocolates and candies with your friends.

  1. Go out to dinner

After school, jump in a friend’s car and head to someone’s house to get ready. You can all get dressed up and go out to a nice dinner with each other. Everyone loves an excuse to dress up, and Galentine’s Day is the perfect one.

  1. Breakfast for dinner

Leslie Knope celebrated the day by exchanging gifts and eating waffles, so you can do the same. Everyone can come over, bring their comfiest pair of pajamas and eat some breakfast for dinner. Buy some chocolate chips, strawberries and whipped cream, and you are set for a perfect girls’ breakfast in. While you’re chowing down on your delicious breakfast, you can exchange gifts too.

Galentine’s Day should be celebrated by girls all over the world. A time with friends is never a time wasted. This year, make sure you think of your gals when you’re making your Valentine’s Day plans. Going out or staying in… the possibilities to celebrate Galentine’s Day are endless.