Top Ten High-Tech Products to Expect in 2017


Honda riding assist

Emma Story

The Consumer Electronics Show, an annual trade show in Las Vegas, never seems to disappoint. This year was no different, as it presented new products and technologies that will be big in 2017. Maybe you will be using some of the top 10!

  1. Griffin Connected Toaster

This high-tech toaster is controlled by an app. Through the app, you can change toaster settings (ranging from white bread to burnt bread) to control how toasty your food is.

  1. Kerastase Hair Coach

This modern brush contains a microphone and several different sensors, all of which can analyze your hair-brushing patterns. You can access your personal hair data through an app. The app will also let you know how “unruly” your hair is based on its damage, breakage, tangling and dryness.

  1. Amber Agriculture

Amber Agriculture is a new startup company that developed a small sensor which can monitor the quality of farmers’ stored grain. Just stick the sensor inside of a silo, and it will send temperature, humidity and other updates about the grain to the farmer’s smartphone. This will ultimately help farmers to find the perfect time to sell and ship their crop.

  1. Moen’s U Shower System

This smart shower allows you to pre-heat your shower or tub’s water to the perfect temperature. You can use up to 12 settings to change your shower anywhere from a freezing 60 degrees to a boiling 120 degrees. All of this can be controlled through a smartphone app.

  1. Sleep Number 360

Sleep Number’s new smart bed helps you to attain the best sleep possible by automatically adjusting to your sleep position. It includes foot warmers and can elevate your head to help you stop snoring. The mattress can even tell you how well you slept by tracking your breathing, heart rate and movement. This information is accessible through an app.

  1. PetCube

Ever wondered what your pets are up to while you’re gone? Well, now you can watch and play with them using the PetCube. This device allows you to watch live video footage of your pets and control a built-in laser toy using an app on your phone.

  1. Motiv’s Fitness Tracking Ring

Essentially a sleeker and more high-tech version of a FitBit, Motiv’s titanium-encased ring tracks your fitness by measuring your steps, calories, heart rate and distance traveled. In addition to these features, it also has a battery life of three to five days on one charge and comes in the colors rose gold and slate gray.

  1. GeniCan

Known as the “trash can of the future,” the GeniCan scans the barcodes of items you throw away and automatically adds them to a shopping list so that you know what you need to buy next time you’re at the grocery store. The grocery list can then be accessed through a special app.

  1. Kuri

This cute and loyal little robot makes a neat addition to any home. Kuri can learn your home’s floor plan, climb stairs and wake you up every morning. He can recognize faces, monitor your home when you’re gone and greet you when you come home for the day. Kuri’s eyes are even equipped with a camera that takes photos and videos.

  1. Honda Riding Assist

This bike designed by Honda contains special self-balancing technology, which allows the bike to stay upright. The technology, called Riding Assist, helps the bike’s front wheel to move back and forth and make tiny adjustments in order to keep it balanced. While still in the prototype stage, this bike could be a major breakthrough in motorcycle safety on the roads.

All of these are cool applications of technology designed to improve our lives. It is exciting to think what the future holds.