An Early Christmas Present: The Learning Commons


Abby Summers

It is an exciting time for the St. Dominic community! In case you missed it, major renovations were recently finished in the Learning Commons. After a long time of anticipation and a lot of hard work, another piece of the Learning Commons puzzle is falling into place before our eyes.

On top of the great additions of new books and a green screen, the Learning Commons got an even bigger facelift last week. The construction of a new glass wall created a brand new collaboration room, which students will be able to use whenever they need it.

“I am really excited to see how the collaboration room will be utilized. I know it will take time for people to realize its potential, but I know that when the technology is installed the staff and students will be able to see the potential for this space,” said Library Media Specialist Mrs. Nikki Playle.

The new furniture, including hightop tables and chairs, arrived on Monday and is beginning to fill the space. The next step for the collaboration room is the addition of Mac computers and TVs.  Mrs. Playle hopes that this new technology will continue to invite the students in to work together and extend their education outside of the classroom.

“This space was re-created with student input and with the students in mind. Every change has been an attempt to improve the space and make it a place to encourage the students to explore and be more interactive in their education,” said Mrs. Playle.

Mrs. Playle is working to involve students in the Learning Commons in any way possible. As the collaboration room finishes up, she hopes to borrow student art projects from Ms. Mary Nasser to decorate the walls and make it more of a Crusader-like atmosphere.

Make sure you keep your eyes open for even more renovations and additions to our amazing Learning Commons. We’d like to say a huge thank you to Mrs. Playle and the administration who have made this monumental project possible. If you are ever looking for a space to study or work on projects, the doors are always open and Mrs. Playle would love to have you!