60 Second Spotlight


Abby Summers

Joe Haug Run

This year’s fourth annual Joe Haug Give Thanks 5K Run was a huge success! On Saturday November 20, nearly 100 participants came out to support the St. Dominic community and the beloved Joe Haug, a former track and cross country coach and teacher at our school. Despite the chilly temperatures, the participants had fun spending time with one another as they supported a great cause. All the proceeds raised at the event go toward scholarships for St. Dominic students. We are so thankful for Joe Haug and everyone who helped with the event to make a huge difference in our Crusader community!

Rating: 10/10


Picasso’s Coffee House

Picasso's Milky Way
Picasso’s Milky Way

On the historic cobblestone streets of downtown St. Charles sits a cozy little coffee shop called Picasso’s. The second you walk through the door, you are greeted with rich smells, calming music and smiling faces. Named after the famous artist, the shop features artwork and menu items with names like Van Gogh’s Milky Way and Mona’s Snicker. Picasso’s also has live music every Friday and Saturday with open mic nights on Thursdays. If you are ever in the area, stop by Picasso’s for an enjoyable time with delicious food and drinks. You will never want to leave!

Rating: 10/10


imageThe Death of Vine
Vine’s six seconds of fame are over. Beginning in 2013, users have enjoyed making and sharing short videos on the app. However, as the years have gone by, more users have moved on to other social media sites and Twitter, the platform’s owner, is nearly bankrupt. Because of this, the discontinuation of the app is not a surprise to most people. The news of Vine’s end has been around for months, but new rumors are surfacing that Twitter may plan to sell and save the app. Nevertheless, there are new apps that allow former Vine users to save their videos so they will not disappear. Before the app is no more, watch or make as many Vines as you can to savor the last moments of this one-hit wonder.

Rating: 0/10