Music Feeds the Soul


Abby Summers

With the constant craziness of school work and after-school activities, we seem to forget about the band and choir at St. Dominic. They hardly receive as much recognition as any of St. Dominic’s athletic teams, yet they put in just as much hard work. Shouldn’t they be celebrated for their feats just as the soccer or football teams are for theirs?

Choir seniors Elsie Nabzdyk, Kirsten Monday and Danie Aubuchon

St. Dominic’s band and choir programs are incredible; they are filled with talented students who have music running through their veins. Sadly, many of us have only attended sports games and have missed out on the band and choir concerts. Nevertheless, there are plenty of opportunities in the coming months to watch our classmates in their element.

St. Dominic has three bands and three choirs that help fill our halls with music. They have several concerts throughout the year where they showcase their talents. On October 27, they performed their fall concert, which went off without a hitch.

“It went very well. Everybody did a good job and performed well,” said Mr. Greg Cissell.

Mr. Cissell and Mr. Larry Johnson, who leads the jazz band, have been in charge of the music department for 19 years. The combination of these two hard-working leaders puts our band and choir groups in great hands. Their love for music is just as great as their love for their jobs.

Band seniors Brad Sievers, Elaina Heavner and Cory Free

“My favorite part [about leading the jazz band] is working with the St. Dominic students. The students are committed and motivated. I find the school to be a wonderful place and the Holy Spirit to be present in the music we play,” said Mr. Johnson.

The students that participate in band and choir love playing and singing at St. Dominic. The teachers that lead the groups make their experience even greater.

“Being in band has made my high school experience so memorable. The friendships I’ve made mean so much to me and I love being able to play music at St. Dominic. Also, Mr. Cissell is an amazing teacher and friend when I need someone to talk to. He’s made it that much better,” said senior Natalie Brouder.

If you ever get the chance to attend a concert, don’t pass it up! The students involved work very hard and would love for everyone to come out to watch them shine!