Doctor Strange: The Future of Marvel


Abby Summers

Walking into the theater on the opening night of Doctor Strange, I was ready to be wowed. Being a Marvel fanatic who has never seen a Stan Lee adaptation that I didn’t like, I had high expectations. This film was definitely better than expected and Marvel fans everywhere were pleased.

Doctor Stephen Strange is a self-centered, successful neurosurgeon with Tony Stark arrogance and humor. His life revolves entirely around his work, but after a car accident that takes away critical use of his hands, he is completely lost. Doctor Strange is portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch, a British actor who shed his accent for the role. Cumberbatch has played an array of impressive roles, and yet again, his casting as Strange was spot on. He perfectly embodies the dynamic of the character and is able to bring his own sarcastic humor to the role.

Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One

After coming to a standstill in his recovery process when Western medicine fails, Strange seeks enlightenment in Kathmandu, Nepal. Here, he meets the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton), the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth in their dimension. Swinton plays a role that was actually an Asian man in the comics, yet she fills the shoes with poise. She truly becomes one with her character and carries herself with great wisdom and understanding.

In the midst of Strange learning the ancient practices of sorcery, he encounters a fallen disciple of the Ancient One, Kaecilius. He has plans going against the Ancient One and her students, who are protectors of the Earth. In several fight scenes between the two groups, the special effects truly steal the show. As Kaecilius and the Ancient One use magic to stop time and morph their surroundings, the screen may be mistaken for a kaleidoscope. As buildings fold into each other and characters jump from one to another, the incredible effects resemble those in Inception and leave the audience feeling dizzy.

Apart from him being a superhero, Doctor Strange is very different from other Marvel heroes. Unlike those involved with The Avengers, who fight for the better of the physical world, Strange fights to keep the mystical world safe. He is not only on a mission to help save humanity from an evil force, but he is on a journey to rediscover himself and his purpose in the world.

The actors were cast very well for their characters and the special effects were superb. With a perfect combination of action scenes and humor, every moment left viewers wanting more. Whether you live and breathe Marvel or are just in the mood to see a good film, I highly recommend seeing Doctor Strange. It is an incredible movie and great entertainment for everyone. Although Doctor Strange is an amazing film, it is not perfect, so I would rate it 9/10 stars.