The Refugee Crisis Continues


The Calais Jungle refugee camp

Grace Sullivan

Beginning in March of 2011, millions of Syrians have fled their homes due to the violent outbreaks caused by their government’s repression. The decision regarding allowing refugees in the United States has been a commonly talked-about issue among the American people.

Currently, 11 million Syrians are on the run. Out of these refugees, 4.8 million are forced to seek safety in neighboring countries in Europe. However, European countries are questioning whether or not to house refugees due to national security. Recently, a refugee and migrant camp in France called
The Calais Jungle was shut down. Refugees attempted to illegally enter the United Kingdom by stowing away on ferries, cars or trains.

image In addition to seeking safety in nearby countries, more than 6.1 million people are displaced and 13.5 million are still in need of humanitarian assistance. The nation’s attention was brought upon this issue last year when a three-year-old Syrian boy named Aylan Kurdi was found dead washed up on the beach in Turkey. It was said that he and his family were Syrian refugees trying to reach Europe amid the refugee crisis. The tragedy was a horrible sight for many to encounter and spread across the nation very quickly.

The Syrian refugee crisis was a hot topic for the presidential debates.  It is now a hot topic for President-elect Donald Trump.

Although the majority of the Syrian refugee crisis remains uncertain, one thing is sure: our ability to help. Among the things that a person can do is donate to an organization such as Mercy Corps, organize a campaign or even sign a petition telling Congress we should continue to support the refugees. Although each step is small, every little thing you do to help could make a big and lasting impact on an individual.