60 Second Spotlight


Grace Sullivan

Pumpkin Spice Craze
As autumn rolls in, pumpkin spice has returned in full force. Almost everything you can imagine has pumpkin spice flavoring. Ranging from bakery treats to air fresheners to dog treats, pumpkin spice finds a way to infiltrate everything during the fall season. Of course, one cannot forget the infamous pumpkin spice lattes. Available almost everywhere, customers waste their money on these overrated drinks, purchasing multiple a week. However, it does add to the season and helps one enjoy the fall weather a little more.
Rate: 5/10

“Monstober” on Disney Channelimage
Disney Channel’s month-long Halloween celebration “Monstober” has risen from the dead. Continuing throughout the month of October, Disney plays Halloween-themed episodes, movies and short films. Fan favorites such as The Halloweentown Saga, Twitches, My Babysitter’s A Vampire, and Monster University will all be on Disney Channel. There is no better way to tune into your inner Halloween spirit than by watching “Monstober” on Disney Channel.
Here is the link to see the movie and show times during the month of October: http://www.laughingplace.com/w/news/2016/09/16/disney-channel-announces-monstober-2016-lineup/.
Rate: 9/10

Top Costumesimage
With Halloween quickly approaching, it can be stressful to find the perfect costume. In 2016, the top costumes are influenced by the media and current events. At the top of the list is an Olympic gymnast. The second most popular costume is a Pokémon Go trainer. Trailing close behind is Finn and Rey from the newest Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Other classic costumes include superheroes, vampires and ghosts. There are thousands of ideas to choose from and many can be homemade. However, if you want to go all out, crazy costumes can be found at Spirit Halloween, Party City and Halloween Express.
Rate: 9/10