And The Crowd Goes Wild


Grace Sullivan

Whenever former students talk about St. Dominic, they usually recall their best experiences. Whether at an amazing dance, exciting game or anywhere in between, high school is not the same without school spirit. The students of St. Dominic are stepping up to the pep plate to make this year one to remember.

In years past, the pep department at St. Dominic has been lacking. However, this year the members of Student Council have transformed the school and planned numerous activities in which the students can get more involved.

“We have created an achievable spirit points system for all grades to have an equal chance to win prizes and promote their class. We have also planned a freshman rec inviting all freshmen so they can get to know each other and have fun while doing it! We’ve tried to use the students’ opinions for decorations for events such as homecoming and recorded feedback on what STUCO could do to improve those events,” said STUCO President Tyler Johnson.

imageSTUCO has set up multiple opportunities in order to earn these spirit points. At the football games, they pick one boy and one girl who dress in the craziest outfits for the theme. The winners’ points go towards their grade. The class that has the most points at the end of the month wins a prize such as a dress down day or a pizza party. STUCO also put a lot of work into the most recent pep rally to get the student body hyped and excited.

“We just wanted to make sure everyone was into it. We changed up the games so people would enjoy them more. Also, we got the dance team to have a dance off against the teachers, which was fun to watch. Overall, we just wanted the classes to compete against each other so we could get everyone as excited as possible,” said STUCO Vice President Alex Hoff.

A lot of thought and planning was put into this pep rally.

“We planned almost every minute of the pep rally from start to finish while keeping every student engaged and pumped up for not only the game but for this upcoming school year,” said Johnson.

While STUCO is doing a lot to bring the pep back at school, the front row fans have also been bringing it back to the sporting events. From beginning to end, the stands have been packed for Friday night lights. The energy among the imagestudents in the fan section has changed drastically from the past. This attendance has affected not only the overall atmosphere of the game, but the players as well.

“Nothing is better than walking out onto the field knowing you have the whole school behind you. Looking up into the crowd seeing and hearing your closest friends is one of the coolest feelings; it’s what high school football is all about. It’s awesome going to other schools and seeing that their student section compares nothing to ours. Our fans are everything and they do an incredible job every Friday night,” said senior football player Andy Hoff.

If students didn’t put in any effort to be involved, school and sporting events would be dull and boring. This year the students at St. Dominic are stepping up to create a huge difference. So keep this energy flowin’ and come on down to the football game at Duchesne this Friday night to keep the pep poppin’.