The Kickoff to Fall Sports


Abby Summers

Even though summer vacation has ended, fall sports are beginning to heat back up. All teams have four weeks worth of practices and games under their belts. They are already off to a great start, and the coaches and players are looking forward to another exciting and successful season.



The football boys kicked off their season with two impressive games against tough competitors John Burroughs and Westminster. Although our team was initially losing in both games, they came together as a team and finished strong. Going into the games, the Crusaders were the underdogs, but their exciting victories quickly disproved that notion.

“Our guys really embraced the idea of ‘I’m one of the eleven on the field, and I have to do my job.’ A lot of people did their job the way they were supposed to, and that’s the way you, as some people say, ‘pull an upset.’ But I think in our kids’ minds, it wasn’t an upset. They expected to win,” said Coach Markway.

The team’s tough schedule will require them to keep working hard in order to maintain their winning streak. The Crusaders are back at home tonight against Liberty, so let’s pack the stands and cheer them on to another victory!



The Crusaderettes started off their season with a fun and impressive halftime routine at the first home football game. This year’s team is made up of 22 dancers, making them larger than recent years. The girls have been working hard in practice to perfect multiple routines and are ready to show them off at upcoming halftimes.

“I am very excited to see where they go this year. Their passion and dedication in practice speaks volumes. If they continue on the way they practice through competition season, I have very high hopes for them. I continue to be blown away by their effort and performance quality in practice and on the field,” said Coach Erika Bosson.

The team has a good combination of both young and veteran dancers including four seniors: Dani Anjeh, Katanna Kortkamp, Lauryn Torluemke and Sarah Hacker. We look forward to seeing their halftime performance at the game tonight!



The softball ladies kicked off their season with a huge victory over Incarnate Word Academy. The girls were losing four different times during the game, but they showed great tenacity, never gave up and came out on top 13-12. They lost five seniors from last year’s team; however, the team is already showing how well they work together and their ability to finish strong.

“We scored 13 runs in our first game, and every single person in our lineup had at least one hit. So many of those new players, or those in new roles, fit in very well and all contributed,” said Coach Duncan.

The team is looking forward to another winning season. Make sure you come and support the team next Wednesday at home versus Christian High School!



The tennis ladies have already proven that they are a team to beat this season. In the Troy Doubles Tournament, the team finished second overall, with their top two doubles teams both taking first. Although the day was long and the competition was tough, the team showed their endurance and determination through their play.

“I really saw that the girls like playing, they enjoy it. They can play long matches; that was like a five-hour straight tournament, no lunch break or anything. So it gave me the idea that the girls want to play and will be able to go the whole season. So I saw that persistence and determination,” said Coach Morshed.

Coach Morshed hopes to improve on last year’s district win and state appearance. This seems likely if the girls continue to play as solidly as they have been the past few weeks.



The boys’ soccer season is underway and the team is already having success, but this should not come as a surprise to us. The boys won their first two games, picking right back up where they left off last year. With an experienced coach like Coach Koeller leading the team, the boys are prepared to take on the season.

“Putting on the varsity kit brings with it a passion, a respect and high standards that every team embraces. We look at each new season with anticipation as opposed to expectation! There is not an air of complacency, but a quiet confidence we enter the season with. It is not about the results, but all about our performances,” said Coach Koeller.

The boys are excited to take on new challenges and get to know each other better as they strive to build a well-oiled team. They are hoping for another long season, finishing with a return to the “Party in the Park” in November. Come support the team as they play at home this Saturday in the Fastlane Super Cup Tournament!


Cross Country:

The cross country season is off to a running start, and the runners are ready to compete and give it their all. Although the humid weather was not ideal for their first meet, the athletes stuck it out and endured. Running on a two-mile flat course, the Crusader team had a successful showing. Andy Mills is the new coach of the team, and he is looking forward to seeing what is in store for this season.

“I’m excited about seeing these kids try to do something that some have done before and some haven’t, and be able to push themselves past their limits and reach new limits,” said Coach Mills.

As the cross country teams takes on the rest of their season, we wish them the best of luck. Make sure you come out and support the team as they strive to reach their personal and team goals this season.



The ladies’ volleyball team has been unstoppable from the opening serve, and there’s no slowing them down. At their first home game against Rosati Kain, the stands were packed with fans cheering them on. The Crusaders easily handled the Kougars in two sets, and went on to win their second match and then take first in the Borgia tournament.

“After beating Rosati, FHC and winning the Borgia tournament, I am feeling very optimistic for a great season. I think my girls now see that they are capable of beating big teams,” said Coach Bland.

With three seniors, Lizzy Conroy, Alaina Rothermich and Jordan Jacobs, leading the team, the volleyball ladies continue to work hard in practice in preparation for the tough competition they will face this season. Make sure you come and pack the stands at home on Tuesday as the team takes on Helias!



Home football and soccer games would not be the same without the energy that our Crusader cheerleading squad brings. The fall squad is made up of 47 girls, with 22 seniors leading the bunch. The girls have been working hard to add even more enthusiasm and fun to the games with their routines and sideline cheering. Their new head coach, Katie Salmo, is looking forward to watching the squad perform and improve as the season progresses.

“We love huge squads in the fall. It gives us so many opportunities to perform awesome routines. Think about it… 50 girls doing the same thing at the same time. Then, working on the same counts to throw another human body up in the air, all at the same time. That’s pretty crazy to think about,” said Coach Katie.

Make sure you come to the home football game tonight against Liberty because you don’t want to miss another show-stopping halftime routine.


The ladies’ golf team is back in action and off to a good start. Coming off of a district championship last year, the girls are eager to defend their title and prove themselves once again. With a combination of both veteran and rookie players, the team has been giving it their all on the course, and it has been paying off. Dr. Matusiak is new to coaching the ladies’ team, and he is very impressed.

“They’ve been playing very well. The girls are still trying to work out some kinks in their game, and hopefully they will be ready to go when post-season begins,” said Coach Matusiak.

With hopes of having an even more successful season this year, we wish the team good luck as they take on the rest of their matches!


By the looks of our hard-working teams so far, it is sure to be another great season for Crusader sports. Make sure you come and support your classmates as they compete or perform this fall!