Fear of Freshman Year


Grace Sullivan

As summer comes to a close and the school year begins, many students are making the adjustment of transitioning from one school to another. High school is said to be the “best four years of one’s life.” However, many can agree that the first day of freshman year is certainly not the greatest.

Being the smallest and youngest kids on campus is something that everyone has experienced before. Although not the best feeling, it is one of the many aspects of starting high school. Another emotion usually associated with freshman year is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of getting lost at school, fear of not knowing anyone and so forth.

“I was most scared of the upperclassmen. Walking around in the halls was scary because they were all so tall,” said current freshman Gracie Wuelling.

Beginning a new year at a new school is definitely scary. Walking around new halls, learning new course material and seeing new faces is a daunting change for some. However, the freshmen students at St. Dominic have been looking on the bright side.

“Since I started at a new school, I have had the opportunity to meet new people and make new and different friends,” said Mercedes Little.

“I haven’t gone to any wrong classes…yet,” said Alyssa Buchheit.

“I got donuts in my advisory. That was pretty cool,” said Corey Havrilla.

“I am having more fun in the band here than I did before,” said Bella Burkemper.

Some have even shared funny moments with their new classmates.

“This kid in my Civics class came in 15 minutes late and said he was trying to find the room 711. There isn’t a room 711,” said Alex Krekeler.

The adjustment of coming from middle school to high school does take time. However, the more one walks in the hallways (on the right side) and becomes more familiar with their teachers and fellow classmates, the easier the transition becomes. Freshman year is a time to meet new people, get involved and try things you never thought you would.