Fun in the Sun


Grace Sullivan

Most people would agree that the mere thought of summer is the only thing getting them through the last month of school. As all the stress and anxiety associated with finals week comes to a close, it is inevitable to think about soaking up that warm summer sun. As the school year ends and summer approaches, many are talking about what they plan to do with their time for the next two months.

Some are planning on vacationing with their families and traveling to unique destinations.

“I’m going to Yellowstone National Park and Chicago for my sister’s graduation,” said sophomore Abby West.

“I am planning to travel around the world! Just kidding. I am going to Marco Island in Florida in June. I went to Mexico last year for a mission trip and am planning to go again next summer,” said junior Chloe Rothermich.

Others hope to make the most of their time with their friends and loved ones.

“We plan on traveling together. In June, we have a plan to go on a two-day excursion in the woods off the grid where we plan to just live off the beautiful world. After this, we are to start our film production. Extras are needed for the film so if you are interested, please contact us via email. We plan on practicing the art of barbecuing and krav maga [an art of self defense],” said juniors Michael Laugeman and Tyler Mueller.

“Getting married is the big one for me this summer. I’ll be up here a lot doing camps and stuff,” said math teacher Mr. Brotherton.

And of course, you can’t forget about all the sports practices and other activities.

“I will be playing baseball and football. I have a baseball tournament in Indiana and I’m also going to the Lake of the Ozarks with my friends and family,” said freshman Matthew Hanson.

“This summer I am listening to a lot of Taylor Swift and throwing themed parties… while listening to Taylor Swift,” said junior Kaylee Imming.

While planning all kinds of trips and events, it is also nice to be able to just sit down and spend a majority of the days by a pool or inside watching a movie. Summer is a time to relax and unwind. Whether this be by traveling with your family, practicing the art of barbecuing or even jamming to some Taylor Swift, we wish you a fun and safe summer!