Happily Ever After


Grace Sullivan

Meeting the love of your life and getting married are moments people remember for the rest of their lives. Although the plans and preparations for a wedding can be strenuous, the end result is definitely worth all the work. Love is in the air around the St. Dominic community as two of our own have recently become engaged.

Athletic trainer Sam Fehlhafer and history teacher Adam Kuebler both have been balancing work and wedding plans after their engagements. As the time for each of their weddings draws closer, they can’t help but think about the time they first met their fiancés.

“Rachel and I met through mutual friends. It was at her best friend’s boyfriend’s–who’s also my friend–birthday party. She might not agree, but she probably thought right away that we would spend the rest of our lives together, whereas it took me a little while since I’m slow with things like that,” said Mr. Kuebler.

“Sean and I met in school while we were at the University of Iowa. We were really good friends for a couple of years and then we started dating for two years in college and three years out of school. I don’t think we ever talked about getting married. I think it was more like you just knew you didn’t want to be with anybody else and that’s how it went. We never went ring shopping, we never talked about when we would get married; it was just the next step in the relationship,” said Ms. Fehlhafer.

Although men and women may have different views on preparing for a wedding, women are notorious for stepping up and taking charge of most of the planning.

“To prepare for the wedding, she’s done most things,” said Mr. Kuebler.

“We are preparing for the wedding basically by just trying to figure out what we want more than anything. We picked a location and tried to set a date. The whole process makes me pretty anxious because I’m not the person who likes to be the center of attention. I’m an athletic trainer for a reason; I like being in the background. I’m looking forward to it and I’m excited to get married,” said Ms.Fehlhafer .

The wedding is drawing closer for Mr. Kuebler who is getting married on June 4, 2016, and plans are beginning to fall into place for Ms. Fehlhafer who is getting married on September 1, 2017. Both couples are becoming anxious, yet excited for the chance to spend the rest of their lives with the person whom they love. After the months of rushing to make the event perfect are over, the big question is what comes next?

“After the wedding, we are going to honeymoon on the Monday after the wedding, which is on Saturday, June 4. We’re going to hopefully live in St. Peters and definitely have a family in the future. I don’t know about how quickly, but definitely in the future,” said Mr. Kuebler.

“We definitely want to take a honeymoon. We’re trying to decide whether we want to go into Europe and travel all those different cities or go on a Mediterranean cruise or something like that where we both get to see things we’ve never seen before. After that, we will probably figure out where we’re going to live at. He currently lives in Utah and works at the university at Utah State and I work here so trying to figure out where we’re going to live will be a really big step,” said Ms. Fehlhafer.

Although making arrangements and plans for a wedding can be stressful, the fact that one is getting ready to marry the love of his or her life makes all the hardships worth it. We wish the best to Mr. Kuebler and Ms. Fehlhafer as they each prepare for their big days.