Bahama Bucks Is Boomin’

Bahama Bucks Is Boomin

Grace Sullivan

If you’ve checked your Snapchat news feed in the past 24 hours, there’s a good chance you’ve seen one or more stories of flavored shaved ice. This seemingly normal snow cone is becoming the talk around town. Bahama Bucks is a Hawaiian-themed establishment that sells shaved ice and other nonalcoholic beverages such as smoothies, frosted lattes and more.

The two most visited locations are in St. Peters off Salt Lick Road and Mid Rivers Mall Drive. The Bahama Bucks off Salt Lick Road is an outdoor restaurant that includes a tetherball court, while the Bahama Bucks off Mid Rivers Mall Drive is brand new and primarily indoors with a laid-back, island vibe. The inside of the new establishment is modern and appealing, which only adds to their delicious–and well-known–shaved ice.

“The inside was extremely inviting. I really liked the fact that they had games the kids could play at the tables. They also had plugin stations to charge your cell phone. That was definitely a plus,” said teacher Mr. Noah Duncan.

This simple dessert of shaved ice has people talking. How can flavored ice be so good?

“The ice is different from most snow cone places. It’s not chunky like regular ice–it’s super light and fluffy. They also have thousands of flavors to choose from. They have a nice variety of sweet and sour flavors and you can’t really find that variety anywhere else,” said senior Meghan Beckhardt.

“I love how the ice is thin and melts in your mouth. My favorite flavors are Hurricane, Tiger’s Blood, Jamaican Punch and Sour Patch Kids. I think they are a little pricey for ice and flavoring, but other than that I love it,” said sophomore Elise Cornett.

Whether it’s raining or sunny and 75°, Bahama Bucks is definitely a place to stop by and hang out with some friends to enjoy a delicious snow cone or smoothie.

Rate: 9/10. Although the the desserts are a little pricey, the quality of the ice is good and they have a wide variety of flavors to choose from. The smoothies and coffees are super tasty as well and the layout of the two establishments are extremely fun and inviting.