Leaving Their Mark on St. Dominic


Mr. Cella, Mrs. Fridley and Mrs. Potthast

Abby Summers

At the end of this school year, the St. Dominic community will be saying goodbye to three beloved teachers: Mrs. Fridley, Mr. Cella and Mrs. Potthast, who have truly blessed our school in their many years of service.

Mrs. Fridley

Whether you stop by the library to check out a book or drop by during study hall, nearly every St. Dominic student has had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Mary Fridley’s bright, smiling self. Mrs. Fridley has been the school librarian for twelve years, where she has devoted her time to maintaining the library and providing a comfortable environment for all students by bringing a motherly touch to everything that she does. As much as Mrs. Fridley loves her books, she loves the students even more.

“I love [the kids]. There have been very, very few students at St. Dominic that I have found it difficult to work with. I think, on the whole, the kids are fabulous,” said Mrs. Fridley.

In all of her years at St. Dominic, Mrs. Fridley’s favorite memory was two years ago, during the Living Rosary, when she was honored with flowers for her ten years of service. The entire student body gave her a standing ovation in admiration for everything that she does for us.

” I still get goosebumps and teary-eyed. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me,” said Mrs. Fridley.

Once Mrs. Fridley retires, she hopes to spend her spare time with her grandson. The warmth that Mrs. Fridley has brought to St. Dominic for many years is immeasurable; we will all miss the effortless ways that she is able to make someone’s day with only a few words or a smile.


Mr. Cella

Mr. Tom Cella, the lively math teacher that we all know and love, will be retiring from St. Dominic after fifteen years. From teaching in the classroom to coaching multiple sports, Mr. Cella has touched the lives of countless students during his tenure.

Not only is Mr. Cella a dedicated teacher, but he is quite the comedian as well. He is able to make his lessons fun and exciting by incorporating football terms and utilizing his signature catchphrases like “You can do it, Bobby Boucher,” and “Holy guacamole dip, Batman.”

“The most exciting part about teaching is being in front of a class and when you’re really on a roll on something good. It’s just so cool. You see it in their eyes; you’re having fun and they’re having fun, but they’re learning. It’s just awesome,” said Mr. Cella.

Mr. Cella will miss the entire St. Dominic community as much as we will miss him. The teachers, administration and overall environment will always be special to him. The students, however, have had the most unique impact on Mr. Cella.

“I learn a lot from my students. You know, being a teacher helps keep you young. I see their style, not that I’m stylish, and I hear their sayings. I pulled the Cam Newton move the other day then they told me that move was really the Dab. I laughed,” said Mr. Cella.

Mr. Cella and his wife plan to check off a wish on their bucket list by going on a cruise as well as visit his sister and her family in California. We are happy that Mr. Cella will be able to enjoy some well-deserved time off with no doubt a lot of golf, but the upper 400s just won’t be the same without the sound of his booming voice.


Mrs. Potthast

From expertly directing numerous theater productions, enlightening students in the classroom and enhancing the school with her jovial attitude, Mrs. Joan Potthast has been a true blessing to the St. Dominic community for 43 years. It is hard to imagine a day at St. Dominic without her wonderful presence.

With so many years spent in this community, the relationships that Mrs. Potthast has created will not be easy to leave behind. Her colleagues, whom she has known for so long, will be missed. In particular, Mrs. Potthast will miss her friend, Mr. Cissell, for they have been working together for seventeen years. The students also hold a special place in Mrs. Potthast’s heart.

“I will miss the students the most, every single one from every year. I look forward to seeing them around and about,” said Mrs. Potthast.

Mrs. Potthast loved teaching Creative Writing, in which she shared her own unique flair and inspired students to do so as well. In addition, she greatly cherishes the theater productions, especially the spring musicals. Without Mrs. Potthast, the theater program would not be as splendid as it is today.

“My all time favorite play, which I was so happy to do this year, is See How They Run. There are so many musicals that I really like. Fiddler on the Roof is certainly one of them. Oliver is a big favorite of mine, Beauty and the Beast certainly, and Me and My Girl,” said Mrs. Potthast.

Mrs. Potthast hopes to spend some of her free time volunteering, specifically with young people or organizations like Meals on Wheels. Mrs. Potthast’s presence in the theater and classroom is sure to be missed by all.


Needless to say, these three friendly faces will be greatly missed in the St. Dominic community. We can never thank them enough for the countless hours they have spent bettering our lives and we wish them well in the future. Although they will no longer be present in the halls next year, the joy and memories that they brought to St. Dominic will remain forever.