60 Second Spotlight


Abby Summers

Fuller House

The Netflix original series Fuller House is a spinoff of the popular ’80s and ’90s TV series, Full House. Debuting on February 26, the comedy has already been a hit among viewers. The series focuses on D.J. Tanner-Fuller, a veterinarian and widow, as she raises her three sons in her childhood home. With the help of her sister Stephanie Tanner and her best friend Kimmy Gibler, D.J. will have to learn to balance the hectic life of being a single parent. The show maintains the same humor that Full House once did and incorporates familiar faces, such as Uncle Jesse, Aunt Becky, Uncle Joey and her father, Danny.

Rating: 7/10


HamiltonTheater-Hamilton Cast Album

Hamilton, a newly-popular Broadway musical, tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers, through hip-hop inspired music. The story follows Hamilton from a poor orphan in the Caribbean to a Revolutionary War hero, to one of George Washington’s closest confidants. The production contains very little dialogue and is mainly made up of catchy rap songs. With such a diverse cast of Hispanic, African-American and white actors, the show better relates to contemporary audiences. Hamilton, having won nearly thirty awards at various award shows, is the next big show on Broadway that people are lining up to see.

Rate: 8/10


Snapchat Filters

Juniors Dani Anjeh and Alexis Liszewski using the snapchat face swap filter.
Juniors Dani Anjeh and Alexis Liszewski use the Snapchat Face Swap filter.

Due to popular demand, Snapchat has been creating new filters nearly every day. Though there are a specific few such as The Dog and The Alien that consistently maintain their spots on the list, fresh filters are being added periodically to give Snapchatters a fun, new way to communicate with their friends. Amid the most well-known filters is the Face Swap. By focusing on two different faces, whether that is a person’s face or even a dog’s face, people are finding all sorts of ways to “change identity” and create humorous pictures and videos to share with friends.

Rate: 7/10