Senior: Nick Roden


Abby Summers

Nick Roden is a senior at St. Dominic and is enjoying his last year of high school. At school, he is involved in the theater program: Roden has participated in two plays and is taking part in the musical for the first time this spring. Although he is undecided about his major in college, he has a good idea about what he would like to do after college.

“I’m not sure [what my dream job is]. All I want to be able to do is create content. Whether it be books, artwork or film, as long as I bring my ideas to life, that’s my dream job,” said Roden.

In his free time, Roden enjoys participating in theater and drawing. One day, he would love to travel to South Korea.

Favorite TV Show: One Punch Man

Something on Bucket List: Write a book

Favorite Genre of Music: Rock