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Springing Into Sports Tryouts

Tryouts may be one of the most nerve-wracking and suspenseful weeks in one’s high school career. They test athletic strength, endurance and dedication, and the athletes must perform to the best of their ability to stand out among the crowd. The pressure is on as this dreaded week draws near. As winter sports are coming to an end, it is not uncommon to see athletes in the weight room after school, training for the spring. Nervous newcomers are frantically worrying and pondering  the best ways to prepare. Listed below is some helpful advice coming straight from the head coaches themselves.

Baseball: Coach Schlenke

When asked what advice he has for those trying out, Coach Frank Schlenke emphasized the importance of practice. Enthusiasm, hard work and having initiative are the qualities that this coach will be looking for in his athletes throughout the week. Attending pre-season training and portraying an evident effort and hustle are what it takes to impress Coach Schlenke. There are currently baseball open gym sessions taking place two mornings a week for players to practice and get into shape.

“Practice before tryouts start. Practice throwing. Practice hitting. Practice running,” said Coach Schlenke.

Lacrosse: Coach Hancock

Coach Daniel Hancock believes that the most important thing for new athletes to do is introduce themselves to the coach and speak with older players. Coach Hancock expressed that the most essential quality that a player can posses is responsibility. The responsibility of being on time, prepared and willing to give one’s all for their team. He is looking for players who want to be out on the field, even in challenging situations, giving it their all for the team. Lacrosse pre-season workouts are every Tuesday and Thursday in the weight room after school.

“I want my players to put themselves out there until the very end,” said Coach Hancock.

 Soccer: Coach Koeller

Coach Greg Koeller builds his team based upon three principles: care, commitment and trust. Caring is showing up prepared, commitment is being fully devoted to the game itself and trust is listening to the coaches every time they ask you to do something. Enthusiasm, the will to give 100% and selflessness are the qualities that one needs in order to play for this elite team. The soccer girls have pre-season workouts every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school on the mezzanine.

“You are expected to play for the whole team, not just yourself,” said Coach Koeller.

 Tennis: Coach Duncan

Preparation throughout the winter is important to future success according to Coach Noah Duncan. He described how difficult it can be to perform that first week of tryouts if an athlete does not train prior. A positive attitude and competitive nature are necessary qualities to have, and Coach Duncan will be looking for those who are always willing to play to the best of their ability. There are no current pre-season workouts occurring, but exercising and getting into shape well before the week of tryouts is strongly recommended.

“We want to see an athletic edge, no matter if we are playing schools who we are better than or schools that are better than us,” said Coach Duncan.

 Golf: Coach Matusiak

Coach Daniel Matusiak is searching for golfers who want to play at a competitive level. It takes solid commitment to play five days a week from the first day of tryouts up until the end of the season. There are no pre-season workouts, so Coach Matusiak recommends that players stretch out and practice swinging the club whenever possible.

“Do not get discouraged when you shoot a bad round. There is always the next hole,” said Coach Matusiak.


Tryouts will be here in no time, so take heed of the coaches’ advice and start training now. Good luck to all athletes who will be trying out for a spring sport!

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