“All I Want For Christmas…”

All I Want For Christmas...

Grace Sullivan

Christmas is a special time filled with laughter and love. Made up of trees, lights and Hallmark movies, Christmas is one of the most festive times of the year. An important aspect of Christmas morning is the opening of the presents. Although the weather outside may be frightful, the anticipation for gifts is delightful as the St. Dominic community discusses the best, worst and funniest presents they’ve received.

Embracing the holiday spirit, children all around the world write letters to Santa and make a wish list of what they hope to receive on Christmas morning. With the holiday approaching and as kids (and teenagers) start on their lists, the memory of past presents has people talking. The unexplainable joy of ripping apart a present that you’ve wished for is one of the most priceless moments.

“When I was little, my mother made me a nativity set. She bought the stable, but the pieces–the people–she made herself using pottery and painted them. Since my mother used to call me ‘Plain Jane,’ the set was all white and very plain. I have a special place in my home where I set it up every year,” said librarian Mrs. Fridley.

Others, just like Mrs. Fridley, reflect on receiving some of the best and most memorable presents. Senior Taylor Stock received a car, sophomore Olivia Thorn got a dog and campus minister Mr. Struttmann obtained a Rams football helmet. Junior Brendan Beine, however, got more than he expected.image

“Every year, my cousins come into town for Christmas. When I woke up on Christmas morning there was a very large present next to the tree. When I opened it, my cousins popped out of the box. Let’s just say I was very surprised,” said Beine.

Although some people opened presents on Christmas morning and were ecstatic and surprised, others were taken aback by the items in their box. Junior Tyler Johnson got seasoned crickets and junior Caleigh McVey received a pineapple. Freshman Colby Koenig got a sombrero, while sophomore Andrew Schultz opens an annual gift of Captain Crunch from his grandfather.

Some even received gifts they had not asked for.

“I was 12 and my sister was nine at the time. She said I needed a new bike but I thought it rode just fine. She also said I needed a new glove, but mine was already worn in. I was wondering why my sister was so worried about me getting more presents. I found out that the only reason she was so worried was because my mom said she was going to spend the same amount of money on both kids,” said science teacher Mr. Hennekes.

Likewise, many received gifts they didn’t necessarily want or use. Sophomore Adam Shipp’s grandmother gave him dollar store bubble gum that didn’t last. Mr. Asher received a really tacky Hawaiian shirt eight years ago from his in-laws and wore it for the first time this year. Lastly, junior Lauren Basse received a ‘grow your own boyfriend’ from her family and found the gift a little offensive.

Though we may receive gifts we did not ask for or rip apart a present we’ve only dreamed of, the spirit of Christmas is so much more than a simple gift. With everyone discussing their past presents and what they hope to receive this year, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!