The Greatest Halftime Show On Earth


The Fab 50 with the Crusader

Abby Summers

The halftime routines performed by our cheerleaders and dancers at the homecoming football game were nothing less than superb! As usual, the girls put in a lot of hard work to perfect their routines and impress the crowd with their creative performances.

To fit with the homecoming theme, “Under the Big Top,” both the dancers and the cheerleaders incorporated songs into their routines such as “Circus” by Britney Spears. In addition, the Crusader mascot made an appearance in the performances, which added a bit of humor to both.

For the homecoming game, the freshman, JV and varsity squads cheered not only on the sidelines, but participated in the halftime show as well. During the routine, the girls hit a variety of stunts such as extensions, split stunts, show-and-go’s and baskets. Although preparation for the routine may have hit a few bumps in the road, the girls definitely pulled it off in the end.

“It was hard to find time that we weren’t cheering a game and also to get all the different squads together. But once it came together, it was great,” said senior varsity cheerleader Madi Healy.

Varsity cheer coach Molly Molitor was pleased with the entire routine and was excited that every stunt hit perfectly.

“My favorite part was the ending when we had all the supermans going forward and the baskets hit. When we hit that timing and saw it all come together, that was my favorite part,” said Coach Molitor.

Like the cheer squad, the dancers had limited time to pull their routine together. They had to schedule practices before school started in the morning.

“I really liked going to morning practice because it got us all energized. It was at six in the morning, but we just rolled out of bed and came to practice. The coaches are awesome, and it’s just a sisterhood,” said freshman dancer Kayla Merkle.

Spectators in the stands could see that the dance team truly connected in their performance. The showstopper of the routine was sophomore Kameron Palo holding her tilt for record time in the middle of all the dancers.

Needless to say, the girls on the dance team and cheer squads pulled it off once again. St. Dominic was lucky to have “The Greatest ‘Halftime’ Show on Earth!”