Pack The Chap


Alex Newman

St. Dominic’s Chapel, where school meets faith.

Alex Newman, Staff Writer

“Pack the Chap” has been a common phrase this school year at St. Dominic. This saying compels students to come to mass and make the chapel as full as can be. 

St. Dominic students and faculty make their faith their number one priority. With a chapel right inside the school, it is very accessible and easy to have a quick chat with God or attend daily mass in the chapel. Throughout the 2022 school year people have been going to masses and bringing many friends and peers along. Packing the chapel truly strengthens St. Dominic and their faith. 

Mass at St, Dominic is usually during the first half of Empower Hour. EH is an hour throughout the day where students can eat lunch, chill with their friends or go visit a teacher for help. With mass being during the first part of EH, it allows students to go to mass and then have plenty of time to eat lunch and socialize with friends for the remainder of the hour. 

Having the ability to go to mass at school with your friends is truly important as it helps you grow in your faith. 

“I love to go to mass with my friends because it means a lot to me to be able to share my faith with them daily,” mass attending sophomore Zoe Dake said. 

As shown with Zoe, being able to go to mass with your friends helps bring even more people to the chapel everyday. With more people going to mass through friends or even independently, it helps fill the chapel and give everyone visiting a sense of being at home with God. Go visit the chapel during the first half of EH one day and strengthen your relationship with God and the entire St. Dominic community!