Sports Community Together as One


Anna Reddy

St Dominic High School unites through athletic success.

Anna Reddy, Staff Writer

Here at St. Dominic, the crusaders take  sports very seriously. We strive to be the best athletes on and off the field. Sports are a helping hand in making SDHS a force to be reckoned with all over the map. 

With a lot of state and district titles, many want to know how St. Dominic is so successful when it comes to these achievements each year. We pride ourselves through our succession and it pushes us to keep our reputation. Each individual sport plays a part representing the school through athletics.

While keeping a high standard and competitive level, high school sports is a great way to get involved and find your place. Whether you’re a student, coach or manager, you help make a difference. 

“Our athletic programs are a part of the overall St. Dominic community experience while giving our students the opportunity to showcase their talents while helping them learn life lessons such as Hard work, leadership, accountability, team work, and respect.” Athletic Director Kevin Roberts said. 

All of St. Dominic’s accomplishments on the field and court  help attract the best athletes around the area. Seeing the influence coaches and administration has on our athletes encourages incoming students to work their hardest and prove themselves for a spot on the team.

Rosters and coaching staff will change here and there, but the impact St. Dominic sports leaves on athletes is unforgettable. And never forget that it’s a great day to be a crusader!