The 30+ Club

Tommy Chassasnoil, Staff Writer

Here at St. Dominic many students have shown their intelligence through their extremely impressive ACT scores. This year alone at SDHS there have been 29 students and counting who have gotten a 30 or higher on their ACT’s. 

Seniors Sean Walsh and Patrick Klassen both got a perfect 36 on the CT, which is very challenging and makes them a force to be reckoned with. Walsh and Klassen both have spent all of their high school years at St. Dominic by perfecting their grades and using it to their advantage to move onto the next step in college to further their studies.

There have been very notable students who are not only highly successful on the field but also greatly accomplished in the classroom. Matthew Willenbrink is a senior at St. Dominic and has had an outstanding four years, where he won three district championships for the basketball team and the first ever district title for football. Willenbrink was an outstanding athlete yet an even better student in the classroom.

“All I wanted to do is keep improving and put myself in the best opportunity possible going into college and furthering my education,” Willenbrink said.

A 30 or higher on the ACT is an incredible feat and many strive for this goal, yet most come up short. This is a tremendous achievement for academics and in all of these students’ personal lives. Most colleges and universities look towards the ACT as a deal breaker or a scholarship opportunity when viewing applications. 

St. Dominic has made a commitment to putting education first instead of extracurriculars for its students. This has become prominent as teachers and administration continue to help students not just succeed, but thrive in the world.

All of these 29 students have helped give St. Dominic it’s reputation and expectation of academic excellence throughout the entire student body.