How St. Dominic Honors Students Who’ve Passed Away



Always remembering Those who have passed on while at SDHS

Mya Roberson, Staff Writer

Community is a very important value in St. Dominic’s community, and when a student passes away, everyone is affected. To honor and remember those students, St. Dominic created the “We Remember” tree in the Chapel. This allows students to pray for those who have passed away and bring everyone closer together as a community.

The Remembrance Tree is painted on the wall of the chapel, with each leaf being either blank or having a student’s name on it dating as far back as 1962. Father Patrick, the St Dominic Vice President for Mission and Identity, sees the tree multiple times a week while performing mass in the Chapel.

The Remembrance Tree in the Chapel is a way to honor the lives of students who passed away while at St. Dominic High School. Each name on the wall is the name of an individual who passed away while they were enrolled here,” Fr Patrick said.

When students enter the Chapel for mass, adoration, or just to become closer to God, they have a chance to sit and think about the students’ names on the wall. They can pray for them, their families, or their friends and become closer with their classmates while doing so.

“The placement of the tree in the chapel is intentional. It provides a reminder to pray for them while in the most sacred place of our school. Prayer always brings us closer to God. Prayer as a community brings us closer together. Praying together for these souls is a great way to grow closer,” Fr Patrick said.

St Dominic is more than just a school, it is a community of students and faculty who become closer every day despite any challenges they face. The Remembrance Tree allows students to pray for others who have lost their lives or for those who have lost loved ones. Kids enrolled in St. Dominic are not just students, they are considered family and are cared for, and The Remembrance Tree helps us remember that.