A Celebratory Ending For New Beginnings



The 2022 class enjoys one more breakfast with each other.

Noah Schuessler, Staff Writer

Friday, May 6th, marked the day that the 2021-2022 school year came to an end for the seniors. A defining moment of the year was the seniors last walk through the halls as a Crusader. Though it was hard to find a dry eye among the faculty and students, the legacy they left will be something that the St. Dominic community will remember for years to come. 

With so much diversity within the senior class, there will be much to miss. The main commonality is that this senior class will be missed for everything they brought to the table to make St. Dominic High School the best place it could be.

“I think I will miss the diversity of leadership in this class. We were blessed with so many different types of people who led our school this year and led it well,” Assistant Principal Nikki Schuler said. 

One other example of the impact this senior class left on the school was how they incorporated the four pillars of St. Dominic into their daily lives. As leaders of the school, being an example for the younger students was a must for this class, and they put forth a good example for the following underclassmen. 

“Our Seniors absolutely embody the four pillars, especially those of community and prayer. This senior class has truly shown what it means to be a Crusader and use their gifts to do the work of God,” Schuler said. 

As the seniors move on to the next chapter of their life, it’s important to remember the fundamentals of what they were taught at their time here at St. Dominic. Dean of Students, Nathan Tock, wants them to take it one step at a time.

“Enjoy the journey! Life is really tough but also really awesome.  Your attitude and your beliefs have an opportunity to change the world.  Don’t waste that opportunity. Find your reason and find your joy and stop worrying!,” Tock said. 

With the class of 2022 graduated, the Dominic halls will feel more empty and quiet. Yet, the memories will last a lifetime. Though it was difficult to say goodbye, the class of 2022 left their mark for students years to come.