Adri’s Letter


Adri Weber, Layout Editor

Like everyone else has probably said in their letters, I remember when I was a freshman signing up for sophomore year classes and I thought, hmm I’ll try out journalism! So I walked up to the teacher for it (I had no idea who Mr. Duncan was at the time), and I asked him to sign the sheet. Personally, I remember him being scary and signing it in an annoyed way, but he claims that that wasn’t the case. But this is my letter so I say he was annoyed. Anyways, that was the start of my “illustrious journalism career”.

Mr. Duncan taught us all the tips and tricks of journalism and all that, and I remember really liking writing the articles because 1) they were a LOT shorter than the essays I had to write for lit class and 2) they were over fun topics I actually liked writing about. Journalism quickly became one of the classes I looked forward to going to every week. 

This class has taught me a lot more than just journalism related stuff as well. I have a much better understanding of deadlines now (after many, many late articles…sorry Duncan) and better awareness of what’s going on around me in terms of the news. Along with all that, I met some of my favorite people in this class. The seniors last year were hard to say goodbye to, and my fellow seniors this year will be an even harder one. They have given me so much this past year alone, with most of it being laughs.

Some of my favorite memories from high school are from this journalism class. From the crap corner (I was a long term resident there), to being called train kid (thanks a lot, Lexi), to the love-hate relationship with technology I’ve had this year (you’d think I’d learn to use technology when my job is literally to set up the journalism website, but I still end up yelling at the screen half the time. Ask anyone in a 20 foot radius of me trying to figure out something on the website). 

Overall, I wouldn’t trade this class, these people, or the memories from it all for anything. Mr. Duncan and this class have helped shape me into the writer and student I am today. If you’re reading this and are considering taking this class, I say go for it. The worst that could happen is you end up yelling at the technology, and I promise it isn’t too bad. 

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this little letter. Until next time St. Dominic…

Ciao, Crusaders!

Senior Layout Editor,

Adri Weber <3