Farewell from the Class of ‘22


Grace Goedeke

Seniors celebrate their last week together by first watching the sunrise Monday morning

McKinley Curran, Staff Writer

The final days are upon us for the Class of 2022. The days that the freshmen of 2018 thought were far in the future. The senior class has applied and been accepted to colleges, and are preparing for their futures after high school ends. The countdown to graduation has been hung in the hall and prom is now over. This week is it, the start of the dreaded goodbyes and long awaited handshake from Mr. Welby at graduation is in less than 15 days.

Jacob Jones

Questions still remain unanswered. What legacy will we leave behind? Who will we become? What will we miss about our beloved high school?

I dove deep into interviewing seniors trying to find answers to these questions.

What or who will you miss the most at St. Dominic?

“I think above all I’ll miss the friendships from peer ministry and theatre the most. I spent the most time this year with them and it’s such a special environment at Dominic that we won’t have anymore. Those friendships formed here and grew strong here, and they won’t by any means diminish after we leave, but I won’t be near them every single day. I love everyone I’ve come to be friends with and it will be difficult to be apart from them,” senior Caroline Cunningham said.

“I will miss the community of St. Dominic, how you will always see smiling faces coming into St. Dominic. I will also miss my friends, all the peer ministers and soccer players. I will miss having the people around who have pushed me to be a better human,” senior Macie Begley.

“What I will miss most from St. Dominic will be Peer Ministry and my friends. When I transfered last year, I didn’t know what to expect but a few weeks in and I felt welcomed by everyone and it’s something that I will miss and something that I cherish. Peer Ministry was a great opportunity given to me and truly changed my life and improved my faith. They gave me lifelong friends and is an incredible gift,” senior Ryan McMullin said.

What is your favorite memory from your four years spent at St. Dominic?

“Senior Prom was my favorite memory from my four years at St. Dominic, just because the whole grade got to be together one last time at a dance and it is something that I will never forget,” senior Abby Obert said.

“My favorite memories at St. Dominic definitely come from the broadcasting department. All the games I got the privilege of commentating and all the laughs that we’ve had in class have to be some of the best memories of my life,” senior Jack Schwering said.

“My favorite memory at St. Dominic was winning the football district championship. On that last drive where we just needed one stop to end the game, it kind of all hit me. All of the hard work I had put in over my four years and the team put in that year was worth it. We accomplished something nobody else at St. Dominic had accomplished before. That is something I can hang my hat on,” senior Matthew Willenbrink said.

What legacy do you want to leave behind?

“I want to be remembered as an energetic HOH who inspired students to participate and be involved in the everyday competitions. I want to leave behind the idea that everyone has a home at St. Dominic through our house system,” senior Allison Herbert said.

“I want to be remembered for always smiling in the hallways and being supportive of people and being a nice person,” senior Danny Hahn said.

“I was the varsity goalie this year and I am so excited to be able to continue the Mylenbusch legacy with my sister Alison possibly being the varsity goalie in the program in the next few years,” senior Aiden Mylenbusch said.

We laughed at those who told us that high school goes by fast. Yet here we are now, one week away from walking across the stage at graduation. We blinked and it’s now over. No more Friday night football games at Crusader Stadium, all school mass days or house competitions. No more breakfast bar or family time. No more classes with our teachers and no more classes left in the place we had the privilege to call home.

Together we have experienced trials and triumphs. We survived high school. Every obstacle we have faced head on and overcame. This last week is filled with all the bittersweet moments we never dreamed would come. May 18 is our final hurrah. We will stand together one last time, diplomas in hand and caps in the air.

I conclude this article with a final question for the Class of 2022; what will your legacy be?