Prom 2022: A Night to Remember

Prom king and queen Brennon Schulz and Jessica Larson after being crowned

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Prom king and queen Brennon Schulz and Jessica Larson after being crowned

Allison Herbert, Staff Writer

This past Friday St. Dominic held its annual prom, hosted at Old Hickory Golf Club in St. Peters. It was definitely a night to remember especially for the seniors as they head into their last week of school.

Since last year’s prom was a little different, meaning it was only a dinner without any dancing, this year was the senior’s first and final “real” prom. As the juniors and seniors arrived at the venu, it was pretty much pouring rain. However, as soon as six o’clock came around, the rain stopped and the sun came out for the perfect golden hour pictures. The food was delectable and the dancing was seriously insane! Shoutout to the DJ’s at prom as they played some serious bops. The crowd on the dance floor was so incredible; students, especially the boys, were dripping in sweat as dance mobs formed and the mosh pit grew.

“The dancing was crazier than normal because we were all in a smaller area and a lot more people go to prom. I think prom was better than other dances because it’s the end of the year and we know it’s coming to the end… Everyone was just there to have a good time. I’m not really sad that was my only real prom because I had such a good time with my friends and my grade,” senior Macie Begley said.

The coronation came around and the four couples gathered in the back of the room to make their big debuts. Senior couples Grace Bindbeutel and Nathan Grewe, Mia Pointer and Grant Richards, Jessica Larson and Brennon Schulz, and Olivia Stransky and Ryan Schwendeman each walked up to the stage with their partner. As juniors introduced the seniors on court, the rest of the students drum rolled anxiously waiting for the winners to be announced. Finally, Jessica Larson and Brennon Schulz won the titles of prom king and queen and were given their crowns.

“We were honestly surprised that we won so it was pretty exciting for us! We were on court for senior homecoming and had fun doing that as well. This dance was different from all of the others because we all knew it was our last ever. It made it more sentimental and really made us want to take in every moment. It was a fun time to spend with all of our classmates before leading into our last week of school,” prom queen Jessica Larson said.

A little more dancing came after, but the crowds did start to die down as people left for their plans after the dance. Prom was definitely worth the wait, and everyone’s expectations of prom were met. The seniors were able to share in one last dance together and even celebrate together after the dance. A huge thank you to the St. Dominic Student Council who planned an amazing prom!