The Financial Fight for Fuel


Marian Havrilla

Gas prices have been higher than as of late this year

Aly Hayden, Staff Writer

Automobile drivers all across America are taken aback by the sudden increase of gas prices. Students especially are struggling to manage the spiraling costs of gas while also juggling all their other expenses and responsibilities.

Recently, the nation’s gas prices have hit an all-time record high, averaging at about $4.17 per gallon across the country. U.S. citizens have taken notice of this extreme increase and responded by posting their opinions all over social media. It has affected people in all areas of the nation who drive a gas-engined vehicle, and unfortunately, it is unlikely prices will go down anytime soon.

“Right now is definitely the highest I’ve ever had to pay for gas. I’m paying about 45 to 50 dollars now to fill my tank, when before, my typical price ranged from 25 to 30 dollars,” St. Dominic senior Brent Vossenkemper said.

The prices of gas are predicted to increase as the conflict with Russia and Ukraine continues. The availability of oil is diminishing and the demand for gas is higher than ever because Russia is one of the United States’ main suppliers of resources. After they invaded Ukraine, the U.S. banned the import of Russian oil.

The U.S. made it clear they do not support the actions of Russia and have refused to continue handling their resources in an effort to deprive the nation of the economic resources they would need for war.

“The higher gas price isn’t ideal, but that problem doesn’t compare to Ukrainians having to worry about their lives being in danger at any moment,” senior Clayton Davis said.

Until the conflict in Ukraine can be resolved, gas prices are predicted to stay in the vicinity of high prices for most of 2022. Adjusting to the new expenses will take some budgeting and getting used to, but we all must do our part to support peace and responsible resolutions.