Marvel’s Newest Mysterious Show Moon Knight



Oscar Issac in poster for marvel’s newest show Moon Knight

Zoe Dake, Staff Writer

Fans who have never read the comics went into this new Marvel series knowing little to nothing about Moon Knight. From the trailers, the show seemed to be following that darker and more mysterious path that Marvel seems to be testing out these days. Little did they know there was so much more to the show than what the trailers revealed. 

When the first episode was released, we met a normal man named Steven Grant, played by Oscar Isaac, who had barely anything special or extraordinary about him. We find out that he has an extreme sleepwalking problem and he does a lot to avoid it. Then we dive a little deeper into the psychiatrics of Steven to find out that he can’t figure out when he is dreaming and when he is awake. He sees very peculiar things that just turn out to be normal everyday events. Another abnormality is that he sleeps for days at a time and things around him will be different when he wakes up. Such as his one finned goldfish, Gus. His goldfish who had one fin when he went to sleep had two when he woke up and he couldn’t figure out why. Quite possibly the biggest question we ask during episode one is, how is Steven Grant, while being chained to his bed,  transporting to different places in the world while he’s supposedly sleeping. 

In episode two, we got a lot of answers to those questions. For example, we learned that when he is sleeping for all that time, a split personality named Marc Specter is taking over and replacing and fixing everything so Steven doesn’t know he’s there. He had to reveal himself to Steven at the beginning of episode two, to save them both and protect their shared body. We also find out that Marc is working for an Egyptian god named Khonshu, the god of the moon and vengeance. 

Also in episode two, it was incredibly interesting to see them both work against and with each other to fight their common enemy, Arthur Harrow. Their contrasting personalities are so different that their choice of combat suits is completely unlike each other. 

“I wanted to know exactly where Marc’s whole arc was going to go as opposed to what’s going on with Steven. They’re both two totally different characters. What I want to see is how their contrasting personalities are going to each grow and develop over the course of the show,” freshman TJ Blattel said. 

In episode three though, they start getting better at fighting for the same cause. They work together and switch with ease, but there seems to be another source that seems to be taking over at times. 

“I was really interested to see if they were gonna bring out the other personalities, there’s another personality by the name of Jake Lockley. I was really interested to see how they would work them in or if they were going to leave them out because the MCU does take creative liberties, they’re definitely teasing it a bit,” Blattel said. 

What does Moon Knight have to do with the future of the MCU? Currently in the first three episodes of Moon Knight Marc Spectre has not been involved in the Avengers in any sort of way. With the new Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness movie coming out the same week as the last episode of Moon Knight, we could see an appearance then. Hearing that there might be as many cameos if not more in Multiverse of Madness as there were in Endgame, it isn’t impossible that he could show up. It also could very well be that Marvel plans to follow his plot of him being a villain rather than a hero. 

“I think a lot of it depends on the success of this show. The Avengers were much more of a fluid group in the comics, they changed a lot. I think that’s kind of where they’re headed. So there’ll be a core group, but then they’re going to introduce different people at different times. I think that’s where you’re going to see Moon Knight come in,” Mr. Duncan, Marvel Club Co-Moderator, said. 

Regardless of what Moon Knight has in store for the future of Marvel, it is one of the best shows we’ve gotten from Marvel so far. It has exceeded expectations for what fans hoped for from the show. 

Moon Knight is definitely up there as one of the best ones. It’s up there on the border with Loki and WandaVision for sure,” Paul Koch, Marvel Club Co-President said. 

Moon Knight has opened up so many opportunities for villain, heroes in the MCU. It gives us so much to go off in the future such as split personalities and Egyptian gods. Overall, Moon Knight is just going to get better as it goes forward and give us more to look forward to in the future of the MCU.