St. Dominic’s Star Discus Throwers


Scott Moore

Zach Malone prepares for a throw in the discus event

Noah Schuessler, Staff Writer

In a sport that requires great strength and precision, the discus throw is a track and field event that requires the thrower to spin around holding a plate-like disc and launch it as hard as they can while staying inside a small circle. It takes a lot of practice and skill to launch the discus as far as possible. 

Two St. Dominic juniors, TJ Kwapiszeski and Zach Malone, aim for success by training diligently at their daily practices. Although the discus throw is already a challenging sport that few compete in, Kwapiszeski goes above and beyond by striving to reach personal goals as well.

“The ultimate goal is to be a better thrower than I was at the beginning of the season,” varsity thrower Kwapiszeski said.

With self-improvement being the goal in Kwapiszeski’s mind, practicing plays a vital role in how he will perform when it comes time to compete in meets. From learning in and out of practice, Kwapiszeski is ready to perform at his very best.

“I have watched YouTube videos over discus, and I have asked my coach how to properly throw the discus. The key is form and footwork; if you have that, you’ll throw a lot farther than just having pure strength,” Kwapiszeski said.

For his teammate and fellow varsity thrower, Zachary Malone, discus throwing was a new sport he picked up recently. Discus throw is all about improvement and trying to throw the discus as hard as possible. Despite the impressive achievements he has already earned, Malone is aiming to break more personal and school records.

“I got into the sport after not playing baseball, but I still wanted to stay active. I have a few friends that were throwers and they said it was a good time. My ultimate goal by the end of the season is to break 30 meters in a meet,” Malone said.

Similar to Kwapiszeski, Malone practices the right techniques to perform his absolute best at meets. From wrist angles to repetition to strength training, Malone and Kwapiszeski are putting in the work to throw their hardest (and farthest). Make sure to head out to their meets and watch them dominate this season!