Wordle on the Street



Wordle is a great way to get your brain working

Zoe Dake, Staff Writer

The hit word game Wordle is sweeping the nation by storm. People are constantly logging onto the New York Times website to see if they can guess the day’s new word. Even the St. Dominic community is hopping on this daily word puzzle. 

Back in October, Josh Wardle created the game for his wife, but it took off on a large scale and just kept growing. Just about anyone you ask nowadays will likely admit they have played at least one game of Wordle. 

“I had friends on social media posting their results on Wordle and it prompted me to go investigate what is this big hype? And I love word games. So this was perfect for me,” St. Dominic teacher Dr. Ruscillo said. 

The teachers are not the only ones who enjoy Wordle. The game has become quite popular among St. Dominic’s students as well. Friends team up and play together to keep their streaks going. Some have even shared their stories of close calls or quick wins.

“I usually compete with my friends on Wordle everyday. That competitiveness inside of me wants to win and beat them by guessing the right word first,” sophomore Lindsey Moore said. 

Teachers enjoy using Wordle as an engaging activity to start off class. This game is a good way to get students’ brains warmed up before starting a lesson. 

” Let’s do the Spanish version.’ It’s really fun to play it together,” Señora Phillips said.

Some teachers also use it as a motivation for their students. Pushing their students to focus and get classwork done so they can play the Wordle. 

“It’s a give and take, we get the lesson done when I want it to end so then we have those extra five minutes to do the Wordle. They’re more engaged in getting everything done in class,” Phillips said.

Wordle is also a great way to encourage students to participate during family time. It is fantastic for family time because some students who may be too nervous to participate in big games can just shout out a word to type in to help contribute to getting the word of the day. 

Since Wordle has gained so much traction, other companies have created spin-off games. Quordle is one example where you are solving four Wordles at the same time. There is even a Taylor Swift version where you guess a five letter word that relates to the famous pop star. 

“Another game I play is called Heardle. It gives you a clip of music and then you try to guess what song it is,” Moore said. 

Wordle continues to challenge and engage students and teachers across the nation. If you have not given Wordle a shot yet, be sure to give it a chance. If nothing else, it is something exciting to look forward to everyday.